A friend mentioned the spelling mistakes on this blog, without these mistakes the blog would only be pictures as I am dyslexic. One of the text pieces in a book I made states ‘thank dog I’m dyslexic’, without this problem my work would not be what it is, a mess, A lovely big mess of my making. My ‘condition’ affects the way I think, the way I see and therefore informs my whole working process. I am also left-handed and there is a link between this and dyslexia for sure. The way I see the world and how I work are to a lesser or greater degree controlled by my ‘disorder’. The way  I see the world is markly different to the ‘normal’ that is for sure. While I think it helps me to make work it also means I live in a state of chaos most of the time, while I am able to feed off of this I do need calm to make work and while my last few months in NYC have been very productive the craziness that has landed on me since I returned to the UK has made me very depressed.

I hope that these two weeks holiday with my little boy can level me out so I can get on with making work again. I am luckily that I get to make work at all as a disproportionate number of the world’s left handed dyslexic’s are in prison. I should find out if there have ever been any studies on this. In the meantime I have to edit my work from the Holy Land, try to earn some money from somewhere and deal with the large mess that is my studio. If you ever want to see chaos my studio is the place to do it. It started off as 4000 sq.ft but the only part not filled with junk that I can work in is about 200 sq.ft. I need help…

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