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This is Jim. We met on the street the other night outside my local art supply store. Before we spoke I watched him stand motionless stairing into the shop window for at least five minutes, his silent gaze transfixed. I thought to myself that’s me in a few years, homeless, on the streets and looking at all the paints and canvasses in the store window wishing it had been another way, wishing I found success, and had all the supplies I ever needed to make work until the end of my days. I took some pictures and wondered over and offered Jim my hand and name and asked him what he was doing.

“Well’, he said “See that globe in the window, I met and fucked this hot chick from Puerta Rico last night and I wondered where in the fucking world Puerta Rico is, as I gonna go there if all the pussy is that hot”.

Back to earth with a dump.

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