I’m currently sitting in the Apple store waiting for help with my latest problem. I seem to spend a fair proportion of each week in this place. About 12 years ago I got my first laptop before that when I left the house all I had was my mobile and 10 years before that I didn’t even have that. I left the house with perhaps my camera, and a memory full of phone numbers and always a few 2p pieces for pay phones. Of course computers have simplified our lives, or so we are told. Like everyone else I do enjoy the benefits of the digital world and there’s no going back, well at least I hope not. The only chance of a world without computers is a scary post rapture goddy like place, and I hope we never see that or the destruction that preceeds it. So life gets simpler and more complex all at once, at least its interesting, or is it more interesting out there beyond the Genius bar, where I am still waiting waiting. Do you think it’s safe to look at porn here ?

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