Todat is now officially ‘Mind Fuck Monday’, nothing is working out today. I am counting the minutes until it is late enough to have a beer. Once I started to get stressed it just started to build and build. I live to make work, the only trouble is I do not have an indepenant income nor am I a ‘people person’. Infact I love those ‘ do I look like a Fucking people person’ T-shirts. Trouble is beyond making work I am hopeless, I can’t smoose and I am shy and reclusive. I am stuck, I need help. What is the way out of this dilemma ? The thing is with me as long as I am making work I am happy, I don’t really care if anyone ever gets to see it, that is why I have this large blocklog of work no one has ever seen. If I knew how to get seen maybe I won’t be in this situation. But let this be clear, I am not feeling sorry for myself, just frustrated, is it time for a beer yet ?

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