In the early hours of this morning, wednesday 30th April 2014 I was woken up by the sound of rain falling on the metal casing of the air conditioning unit that is attached to my bedroom window. For some reason I thought someone was in the apartment and for a moment I was scared. The rain was hard and relentless all night and has carried on though out the day in a punishing nd foreboding manner. It is as if the Hollywood Noah movie which is doing the rounds at the moment has taken out a massive commercial via the Weather Channel ! ¬†For if there was ever a day when I felt there is something in religion, some power looking down on us it is today here in America in the rain. This human world we inhabit is always a crazy fucked up mess and that’s how we like it, it is a world made by and of man and as we are all of our own free will and ideas we can create nothing but chaos. But in the rain today I felt forces of anger, forces of reality. Not actual physical forces just fear and sadness stimulated by my entrapment at home. I read about the botched execution in Oklahoma and how a doctor had to stop the evil due to it not being ‘humane’ enough and I looked outside at the rain. I read about the beginnings of the war in the Ukraine and again I looked outside at the rain. I read the paper with its stories on North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and again I looked outside again at the rain. All day it rained, it’s raining now and it’s nearly a new day. I am in the warm here in my apartment in New York, a place humane enough not to want to put people to death and I am grateful for that, for the USA is not one country but many and many of them I do not like. But tomorrow is another day and the rain will stop, the death penalty will be abolished everywhere one day, hopefully in my lifetime, but today I am happy it rained and I sat at home drew in my sketchbooks and thought about reasons why it might be raining beyond the metrological and it gave me hope to keep making the work I make and not to shy away from the world around me in the art I make.

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