For the last few years  I have been trying to work out how to write a text working with Walter Benjamin`s `work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction`. It has been my intention to produce an essay with pictures on digital file sharing using Benjamin`s work as its basis. I have made about 10 books of notes on the idea and resolved the idea over and over again, so I thought. but I never seem to get it done. I just found a `print on demand` bookshop here in Soho and I have decided to get the thing made right away, by tomorrow, by Monday whenever… but finished and finished soon. I will keep you updated my friends.

Also I can`t seem to access the email that goes with this site, sorry. I will try to get this sorted tomorrow. Happy holidays I kind of wish I was in Jerusalem today it`s so hot here in NYC. Sorry about the weird apostrophe this is a Japanese Mac keyboard and I  can@t quite figure it out.

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