I’ve been doing this since feb. and while it’s been kind of fun I am realising how hard it is going to be be to keep it going for a year which is my intention. I don’t advertise it or link it to any other blog. If anyone would like me to just let me know. So far about 700 to 800 people a month are viewing and most peope seem to go through quite a view pages which is great. I do wonder if it is my mum and granny flying around the world acting like busy bodies but maybe not. So thanks for looking.

It’s bloody hot tonight here in NYC about 36C or 100F as they call it here and I’m loving it, give me more. I am spending my days painting and venturing out at night to take pictures and meet people so I don’t become a total recluse. Also I am working on an essay which I am very excited about. More of that later.

Also I joined facebook last month so friend me… A big shout out to Roger Beecroft my tutor in Nottingham all those years ago.

good night everybody.

p.s Fabric 51 DJ. T is amazing

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