My latest painting

NewPainting 377x432 My latest painting

I actually went out and did things yesterday other than sit and write emails so later on today I will post something of my travels around East Los Angeles yesterday before I get down to the nitty gritty of more emails and text that needs to be written as I’m on deadline.



IMG 3353 e1441049527866 377x502


I have a small outdoor studio up and running in the 35c heat, very different from my rooftop outdoor studio in London. The only thing that is the same is The Fall soundtrack, you’ve got to take that with you everywhere.

Today is the last day of summer and i bet it feels like it in rainy London. I hope the carnival isn’t a wash out. People prepare for it for months, what a shame.

I haven’t actually done anything constructive since I’ve been here in Los Angeles other than get a new skateboard, I need to get off the sofa and get out there, but thats easier said than done. I hear its raining in London but it is the bank holiday after all.

In Los Angeles, back soon…

DSC04065 377x251

DSC03682 377x251

The studio at the moment

DSC03669 377x251 The studio at the moment

Back in London after a weekend camping in the rain in the Brecon hills in Wales. The rain never seems to stop in this country at the moment. Also typing isn’t easy with broken fingers! It’s Monday morning once again…Welcome

I not really in the mood for this at the moment but once I start travelling I will be back with more. Right now I just trying to get all those little jobs that need to be done finished.

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