I was 14 years old in the early days of a new conservative government the first time I saw this band live. I was hooked their energy and their funked up post punk sound had me gripped, it still does.

DSC01903 377x251

DSC01585 377x251

Paintings (14 of 25)

Another new painting among about 30 i added to my website nickwaplington.org yesterday

P1050452 377x252

P1050456 377x252



P1050459 377x252


Three new paintings in the studio yesterday…

New work was added to my website nickwaplington.org yesterday

It’s 5am here I wish I could sleep, this could be the result of to many early nights perhpas i should get out more.

I will be adding new work to my website nickwaplington.org this week.

I had the lowest viewing figures for a long time yesterday, are you all at Glastonbury? If so lucky you as the weather is holding up. I decided to stay in the studio and work. i will post some pictures later today.

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