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I haven’t been posting much recently as I haven’t left the studio very much, I’ve just been staying there and painting, when I do go out it is either for supplies or in the evening for a quick beer and sketch in the local bar. I do mean to get out and see some more of California. Perhaps I should take one day a week for a trip. In the meantime I’ve been following the politics here very closely, with the Republicans even the ‘sane’ candidates are crazies who won’t stand a chance in hell anywhere else in the world. It all makes for interesting viewing, it is kind of like the comic strip South Park is now for real, everything here in America in inverted and rather than face up to the facts they are coming up with even more stupid reasons for everything and the reactions to these reasons are so far from reality that this place is truly lost. That in turn makes it an amazing place to make art right now.

DSC09284 e1454597491777 377x565

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CROP 377x456

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I’m about as happy as I can be right now with this new painting.

DSC09217 377x251 Im about as happy as I can be right now with this new painting.

DSC07704 377x251

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