Back to Tate Britain for more lighting this morning and then to Tate Modern for my talk this evening at 6.30Pm. Somewhere in between I need to think the talk through, but then again the preparation often goes out the window once I actually start talking. Talking about life and making art in the West Bank is actually something I really enjoy so I must say I’m really looking forward to this event. My book Settlement has been rather overshadowed by ‘Working Process’ but hopefully this will help to redress this, Have a good day…

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P1200184 377x251

IMG 2627 377x502

IMG 2467 377x502

IMG 2466 2 377x502

IMG 2465 377x502

Installation Continues…

P1200167 377x251 Installation Continues...

P1200165 377x251

P1200162 377x251

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