Installation Installing images from Tate Modern last week. The show opens tomorrow

P1150684 377x251 Installation Installing images from Tate Modern last week. The show opens tomorrow

P1150687 377x251

P1150635 377x251

P1150621 377x251

P1150596 377x251

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So I’ve added nothing for a while, this is because I’ve been super busy since returning to the UK on a number of fronts. But I will try to add again this coming week. I must say I’m finding it really depressing here on a couple for a few reasons, firstly the politics. We seem to be in a ‘race to the bottom’ lead by UKIP, leaving the E.U would be a disaster, immigrants are really not the problem and this terrible party are only for the super rich but seem to be winning over the traditional Labour vote as the Labour party no longer has any working class front line MP’s. They have gone for the well meaning Public school boys and these kids can’t connect with the tradition Labour vote. Whichever way it goes next years election is going to produce a result which is a disaster. In the meantime back in the USA where I live increasingly more of the time a whole new set of global warming deniers have just been elected to Congress. Everything is so bleak and it’s the middle of winter, well actually the start but it feels like it with all this rain, it never stops raining here. So today it’s another day at the indoor skate park with my son for me. I actually skated more than he did yesterday and I really enjoyed it but back to work tomorrow, shows, books and painting, in fact I’m going to the studio to do a little painting prep right now. So whatever happens I’m going to have a moment I enjoy, humanity will loose in the end anyway perhaps there is no point trying to slow it down. Bring on global warming, lets all have ten kids, drive station wagons, fly around the planet constantly (quilty already) and enjoy jihad or fighting back against jihad. Why not throw in a few atomic weapons just for good measure , ha… bye

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