I will be back at some point it is just the news recently has been so terrible and I don’t want to just be publishing monologues about now shit things are while sitting in a large house in the Hollywood Hills! So I will be back once i have something positive to say.

Sketchbooks 377x470


Some of my sketchbooks from the last year…

The whole Brexit vote and its aftermath has upset me so much that I to depressed for this right now.

I’m painting backgrounds today while listening to BBC Radio 4 and following the football, England have Iceland next so all to play for, somehow that worked out OK! As for art I’m slowly getting back into gear, thinking all the time and getting myself prepared for the act of creation.

After another terrible day of football, why do I watch? I lost a proper days work over this, anyway back to work bright and early today in the studio and if I finish in time it is ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ so I will head down to the local skatepark with my board. Lets home its not nearly 40c degrees today like it was yesterday. Mind you the Solstice full moon was pretty amazing, I will post a picture I took from the garden here later.

I couldn’t resist….

Back in the 37 C degree heat of Los Angeles and I will continue with some thoughts on this blog once I get down to work again properly. Today is kind of taken up with the England football match, or should I say soccer match! I hope to get a couple of hours painting in now but after, nada…Anyway I wish I was watching in the pub at 8pm back home with my friends. Anyway I am watching here in a friends bar and as it is a midday kick off it but it will be coffee instead of beer. Afterwards I will take a walk through Downtown and think about the work I hope to achieve here in the coming weeks. More soon…

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