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Back in the studio working on new paintings, i will try to post something once I get going

New York City Sunrise this morning

IMG 6973 e1516363009693 377x503 New York City Sunrise this morning

P1210336 e1516321592917 377x564

The studio this morning…as I prepare to leave once again.

IMG 6894 e1516098334268 377x503 The studio this morning...as I prepare to leave once again.

Feeling a sight madness as I prepare to leave England again, but its a warm sunny morning so I will go for a walk on Hackney Marshes and soak up the atmosphere and the smells and try to ingrain them into my mind once again so when I am back in America I can reach for them and feel the energy of my homeland, a land currently being torn apart by political polarity.

A new painting

New.painting.01 377x457 A new painting

P1040865 e1515746894491 377x564

P1040853 e1515746846695 377x564

Selfie.28.09.13NYC e1515746778369 377x564

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