Back in London and back to work, once I can motivate myself to actually start. More soon…

Right now I’m sitting in a hire car outside a supermarket in Ibiza while my infant son sleeps. I have the engine running to keep things cool. This is not very environmentally friendly I know but it’s hot out there. Why am I telling you this, I have no idea.

Starting him young

IMG 7296 377x283 Starting him young

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IMG 6948 377x283

Paul Noble, my son and me with Paul’s dad far left at Pauls Gagosian show in London 2011. Someone sent me this the other day. Six years have gone fast.

Lat night I dreamt I was in Ireland in the rain, I saw a village on a hill with beautiful old houses many of which looked like Martello Towers. I climbed the hill and took refuge in one of the houses that had a large map of the world in the room next to the kitchen. A small boy told me it was Jeremy Corbyn’s house and that he came to Ireland to get away from the cameras, then I woke up.

This morning I ate a bacon sandwich for the first time in a while, followed by a slice of water melon.

Now I will talk to Hoxton as its a sunny morning, sometimes I need to slow it down to just walk and look at the everyday in the world around me.

I’m at a loose end with work, I’m not sure where to take it next, I know I need to just keep going and it will resolve itself but sometimes it’s hard.

I’m still not sure why the Conservative Party want to destroy the U.K’s economy with Brexit, no plan and no ideas and no grasp of reality. David Davis is a lightweight.

Enough for now….

Still suffering with asthma, so another day of rest…I need to work

What was going to be a big work Monday has been reduced to asthma Monday go slow day. Illness caN AND WILL SOMETIMES TAKE AWAY ALL YOUR BEST INTENTIONS.

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