DSC06153 377x251

unnamed file 377x251

Out and about with the 10×8 on the Alon Road in the West Bank in 2010.


danz 377x470


Skateboard magazine from the 1980’s featuring Neil Danns and Kylie!




I’ve been listening to this old Schooly D record…so good, if you havent heard it get on Youtube now!

I held the print to my t-shirt in the darkroom not knowing the writing was luminous


The rain seems never ending at the moment, maybe it is natures reaction to Trump the climate change denier, knowing that he is just about to enter the White House! But seriously the world is in a bad place right now, its depressing. What can we do on a personnel level? What could individuals do in the 1930’s the last time we had a world spinning out of control. Food for thought as I head down to the studio today to paint.



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