Happy New Year!


Four large vintage prints from the series Half Life from the early 1990’s which came to light the other day.





This year has been a political mess, Brexit is a complete disaster and will only benefit the super rich who bankrolled the leave campaign. It will hit the poorest who voted for it the hardest as European rules and regulations are repealed over the next ten years or so. Then there is America and Trump, I don’t know where to begin with that, I am scared and it hasn’t even begun yet, hopefully he will get impeached fairly quickly, Nixon only lasted 18 months so there is hope. As for the U.K the future looks rather Victorian.

Against a background of this I am heading back to the studio and to work, I have been ill for the last few months and I’m hoping to get a little better soon so I can get back up to speed. Every time I say that the next thing comes along and hits me for six. But you’ve got to stay positive.

Staying positive is hard in a world run by the new fascist right, the last stand of the white national movement. But positive I will be, its the only way forward.

A new painting


I’m enjoying being in New York to much to post anything meaningful right now