Hackney Wick 2003



3 recent sketchbooks


Long studio days have started again and will run through the winter as I try to resolve a series of semi finished work ideas. It’s an interesting time to be in London for sure with Brexit in the news and the very real chance this will lead to the break up of the United Kingdom. It has been very saddening to watch people vote against their own interests as most people are now going to be a lot worse of than once Brexit is complete. Its hard not to listen to the news all day for the latest twist and turn of events. Anyway I must go downstairs and work now, more later.

Bob Dylan - Let me die in my footsteps by perostoppogno


The Brexit article 50 court case is up and running now and will last about four weeks. I’m trying to follow it on twitter, this could be our only chance to stop this madness.

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