I feel like I’ve been making work for to long, I’m just doing it because I don’t know what else to do. Everyday I get up and add more stuff to the culture mountain, I feel driven to do it, its a compulsion. But is there any point, but of course you can say that about anything can’t you, so I just keep on going.

I walked across the city yesterday at lunch time and looked at people in the sun eating their food. Cities now have very few shops selling stuff, all these premises now sell take away food, all sorts of healthy options like salads and Japanese bento boxes. Some of these places have lines of office workers going out the door, especially if its the latest trendy option from some part of the world they all went on their gap year like Vietnam. The people selling the food are from Eastern Europe and they are always happy. Happy to be in London and happy to have a job, I to am happy for them and happy to see them here. What am I trying to say here? I’m not sure I just enjoyed my walk from Tower Hill to Hatton Garden and observing life along the way.

Today it’s Friday and the pubs will be packed with people drinking and watching the start of the football, this year there is no expectation of England doing well as everyone knows its a foregone conclusion that they will go out in the second round on penalties, if they manage to get that far.

Last night I went to a night club in Dalston to work out a lighting plot to take photos there tonight. I am going to do this tomorrow for an hour at 2am in the morning when the young people there will be having fun. I’m really looking forward to seeing and observing this as I haven’t been to a disco in years. Sometimes art can take you out of your comfort zone and for that I’m grateful and I hope tonights edition to my own personnel culture mountain will make it worthwhile.

I have been out and about on my bicycle observing people and the ever charging landscape of the city. London really is a different place to what is was only ten years ago, so much more dense, so many more people. I think it is a good thing I like being around people, quite why so many people here in the UK want to remove people and send them away I don’t understand. I will be voting for people to stay in the coming referendum.

It is about to rain and I have to travel to Guildford this afternoon, I grew up not far from there in part and know the city well. I would go and see bands at the civic hall and the university. Best of all I would go the the amazing skate park on a bend in the river Wey. BHS in Guildford was an easy place to shoplift LP’s, today the owner of BHS was in front of a parliamentary select committee, it seemed he had run down the business for personnel gain, funny way to run a company, but its the new way isn’t it, thats how businesses are run now, I happy I’m not a business man.

I have to take the bus to Waterloo now, enjoy your day…

Crazy times work and travel wise, so no time for this until now. Hopefully I will time to post something interesting soon. Right now I need to sort out a postal vote for the referendum.

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