After long delays at LAX I finally got to New York in the early hours of this morning, so what was going to be a full on day before the opening has turned into a slow day of rest. The cold New York winter is out there waiting for me and it is going to have to wait longer. Luckily my friend who I’m staying with went out last night and brought me English tea and milk so I reckon I can manage to stay here in bed for a quite a while.

My friend James White also has an opening today at Sean Kelley so if you are here in New York go check it out.

Right I am now going to eat the sandwiches I made for the plane, I fell asleep on the flight and remembered to put them in the fridge before I went to bed. All interesting stuff this I know!

Have a good weekend… i will be back with photos…

Heading to New York today for the opening of ‘This Place’ at the Brooklyn Museum tomorrow. I’m showing my work ‘Settlement’ and the sculptures I made in the refugee camps of Adu Dis in the West Bank. Looking forward to seeing the work installed but I’m not looking forward to the weather as It’s lovely and hot here in Los Angeles. I will post some photos of the installation once I get there.

My outdoor studio last night

DSC09446 377x251 My outdoor studio last night

Full on summer time has arrived in Los Angeles, at least for now. Back with sometime soon!

DSC08593 377x251

I haven’t been posting much recently as I haven’t left the studio very much, I’ve just been staying there and painting, when I do go out it is either for supplies or in the evening for a quick beer and sketch in the local bar. I do mean to get out and see some more of California. Perhaps I should take one day a week for a trip. In the meantime I’ve been following the politics here very closely, with the Republicans even the ‘sane’ candidates are crazies who won’t stand a chance in hell anywhere else in the world. It all makes for interesting viewing, it is kind of like the comic strip South Park is now for real, everything here in America in inverted and rather than face up to the facts they are coming up with even more stupid reasons for everything and the reactions to these reasons are so far from reality that this place is truly lost. That in turn makes it an amazing place to make art right now.

DSC09284 e1454597491777 377x565

DSC09197 377x251

DSC09241 377x251

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