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Painting outdoors continues here…

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Tomorrow I will be back with more, I will have gotten a few things out of the way by then.

Trump on the telly again tonight, it is looking more and more like he is going to get the nomination, interesting times. This is perhaps the conclusion of what started with Reagan in 1980, no one thought that possible…

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Editing in 2005, the studio looks so clean back then

Studio03 2008 377x282 Editing in 2005, the studio looks so clean back then

I’m still swamped but i will be back I promise!

At the moment the rate of shows, books, and all the rest of it is hard to take, don’t get me wrong it’s a good thing but for someone who works alone it is hard to keep up. So thats why there has been no activity here for a while. I will try to be back soon as Los Angeles is proving to be pretty productive for me.

If you are in New York go and see my show at The Brooklyn Museum, I went for the opening last week and I think it looks good. There was a great review in the NY Times on Thursday.

Have a great weekend…

I recently came back to this, its so fucking good..unbeatable and over 50!

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