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Here’s something I made earlier


Here’s Mum and Dad at Carrow Rd last week, Happy Holidays!

murdoch 377x386 Heres Mum and Dad at Carrow Rd last week, Happy Holidays!

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Very strange dreams last night, I was in a helicopter gunship which was shot down by militant Palestinian gunmen with deformed gnarled faces. They killed whoever was with me but spared me my life but they pissed on me instead. I woke up in a state of extreme stress and after I went to the bathroom I tried to move my mind away from the madness. What came next I can’t write here but once again I woke up feeling a kind of emotional terror I didn’t try to sleep again.

I am alone in the studio for the next five days, it should be nice and quiet here as most people are doing Christmas. I hope to make a new painting, something to show for my time in the UK.




Yesterday was the solstice, I’m always happy on the 22nd December because I know we are moving back towards summer. I lay in bed this morning listening to the sound of birdsong and wondered if the birds knew this fact and were celebrating, it would nice to think so.

I will be back with more this week, as I will be spending most of my time in the studio working. This morning I am slightly traumatised by last nights dream in which a wasp was walking over my face and I couldn’t bush it off.

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I thought it would be funny to make some McDonalds ‘Employee of the Month’ works. If you see me going through trash cans downtown you now know it is fast food wrappers I’m after. These pictures only work if the packaging is used, it gives the works the gravitas they need.

portrait.1 377x492

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