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Mile End Skate Park, this is one of my favourite places in London. Rumour has it that Tower Hamlet council want to take back Palour Skate shop and the arch with the mini ramp. I’ve written to the mayor!

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Through my old friend Gigi I met Fela Kuti’s photographer Femi and while in Lagos I went to see his son and look through a selection of Femi’s work. This is Fela at Shrine.

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I’m still trying to work Lagos through in my mind, I may never get there but an idea for a possible book is beginning to take hold. The purpose of the work is to make billboards but that for me is a beginning I think I can take this further which is not something I expected to think at the beginning. Making art is such a wonderful thing to do in life, I am truly blessed.

Early this morning in the studio

DSC05916 377x251 Early this morning in the studio

I just got back from Paris where i attended the opening of ‘A Handful of Dust’ at Le Bal. I will be back with some thoughts on this later, it is a great show and I feel so happy to be included but right now I have 250 hand drawn book covers to produce! Also i am lecturing this evening as well. But it is Saturday after all so some fun will be had along the way.



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A brief flash of light between two eternities of total darkness

YAK are in New York and play tonight at The Mercury Lounge, go if you are there as they are great live. Yesterday I sent them to La Esquina for Tacos, I miss that place.


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Going to Paris today for the opening of this show at Le Bal, there is also a book of the same name published by Mack. I’m really looking forward to seeing both. My work The Patriarch’s Wardrobe is included. This is a work that hasn’t been seen much but hopefully that will start to change now.

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