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This is the layout of Settlement at the Mannheim Festival, sorry I only have an out of focus image right now, I must chase them for a better one.




IMG 4495 e1445419277250 377x502


I hope to finish the second version of this painting this week. it looks like I’m heading back to Lagos again at some point some, this time I really want to go to Snake Island.

DSC05253 377x251

DSC04477 377x251

I should be back with something tomorrow once I’ve gotten over my trip to Tayyabs. I need to run extra hard this week to deal with it. I am still painting the covers on my Morel books little number, back to it now.

DSC05870 377x251

DSC05797 e1445158233842 377x565

DSC05722 377x251

Flying drones in the park.

DSC05646 377x251

Stockwell Skate park, we visited recently for the first time in ages and had a wonderful afternoon, the locals even spoke to us.

DSC05611 377x251

Children, cats, cuddly toys and an Apple Mac computer on a sunny Sunday autumns day, what more do you need in life.

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