This is the last post I hope you have enjoyed looking at this blog as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Sitting in my hotel waiting for to be taken to Lagos’s computer village. I’m hoping to find inspiration there to make work. As ever this is harder than I thought. I’m certainly a long way from my ‘safe european home’ thats for sure.

P1110371 377x212

P1110475 377x212

In Lagos now after a super crowded flight with little room to sit due to the size of the person next to me. Anyway I’m here and ready to work.

I often play this album when I am low and it gives me strength. When it came out I was thirteen and back then it gave me hope and a desire to escape the terrible situation I found myself in at the time. When I play it now it takes me back and makes me grateful I survived.

Posts here are getting fewer and fewer as my workload increases and the travel takes it’s toll. I will keep this going as hopefully there will be quieter times ahead.

I travel to Nigeria tonight for a project I am working on there, but right now I’m enjoying a few hours piece in the studio while I wash my clothes and open my post. It was good this morning to listen to the BBC4 Today programme at the right time not on the catch up service. ┬áIt feels very still and quiet here, I never thought I’d enjoy a grey Monday morning in London so much.

If you came to the book art book art in New York at he weekend wasn’t it amazing, it just seems to get better every year and this year I didn’t seem to get round even half of it.

By tomorrow morning I will have managed four of the six continents in a week a record for me and I travel a lot. Anyway sleep now, bye…


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Selfie’s with Moa in Tiananmen Square

P1110256 377x212 Selfies with Moa in Tiananmen Square

Beijing subway scene also yesterday

P1110266 377x212 Beijing subway scene also yesterday

Beijing street scene last night

P1110287 377x212 Beijing street scene last night

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