I will be adding new work to my website nickwaplington.org this week.

I had the lowest viewing figures for a long time yesterday, are you all at Glastonbury? If so lucky you as the weather is holding up. I decided to stay in the studio and work. i will post some pictures later today.

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Do I go to Glastonbury is this mornings question, it is going to rain for sure so can I handle it or do I stay in the studio and work. I’m enjoying the work so much right now I hate the idea of leaving it to get covered in mud. There are plenty of people who would like my ticket so I should give it away. But if I can leave on Sunday and be back in the studio by Sunday evening working forty eight hours of fun and music won’t be such a bad thing. What to do?

Summer Time!

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The news as usual is getting me down, I follow it avidly and feed of it for my work to a certain extent but perhaps I am going to take a break as so much negativity can’t be doing me any good. I won’t list what depresses me but it is fairly obvious, so today once the BBC Radio 4 news programme is over at 9am no more news for me today, today is only about music.



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Up early as usual for my run in Victoria Park, I must say I’m quite enjoying it at least by the last part anyway, ‘eat yourself fitter’ as The Fall say.

I have been offered a ticket for Glastonbury, one of my friends is playing and I would go down on the tour bus, get a few hours of the mayhem and then get back to London. Glastonbury the luxury way but I still don’t want to go, can’t quite work out why but I looked at the weather and it’s going to be cold and wet.

The Scottish Nationalists are proposing land redistribution north of the border, this is a straight up attack on the aristocracy and their cronies in the Conservative party, it’s going to be interesting seeing how this pans out.

I’m painting all day everyday in my outdoor studio on my roof, I will post some images when I feel comfortable with it.

I’m going to the RCA Degree show this evening, I’m looking forward to cycling from Hackney to Battersea more than seeing the show. I recently found my Battersea children’s┬áhealth card I had forgotten we lived very close to where the RCA is now when I was a child.

Enough, time to work…


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