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I have no idea what work is in this packing crate in my parents garage, I didn’t have time to open it when i went there yesterday, I’m looking forward to finding out what it is.

8am Sunday morning listening to BBC Radio 4, ‘Songs of Praise’ is on and the priest giving the sermon just said ‘ death is the ultimate darkness’. No wonder christianity isn’t as popular as it used to be! Words like that is not what people want to here now a days, the church needs a more sexy uplifting message.

On another note my new website nickwaplington.org doesn’t seem to be google searchable, I will try to fix that this week, apologies.

nickwaplington.org take a look, tell your friends etc..

It is now apparent that the Tory party in the UK are going to win a very large victory in the coming election, the Labour party are a totally spent force, I just don’t see how they can find a way back from their current situation. Its time for PR, but then again it was the time for PR in 1983.

I will start to make new work this week…


After a patrons tour of the Tate early this morning I’m back to work now in the studio…sunshine days

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I brought this yesterday, hard early Sunday morning techno from the Young Turks label, I can’t find it on Youtube.com, it certainly has sometime that takes me back and forward at the same time. If you like vinyl and techno buy it.

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