Untitled from my 1994 work Half Life


P1110027 e1422461343250 377x564

While I’m painting in the studio printing for the Tate continues

IMG 4334 e1422447796961 377x502 While Im painting in the studio printing for the Tate continues

The heating in the studio is broken for the second time this winter, I’m trying to finish a painting before I leave London and I feel like I’m rushing it. At this rate it’s going to end up on the burn pile which is a shame as I had high hopes for it. In the meantime I’m freezing…

Meanwhile back in Jerusalem in times gone by….

P1120944 377x251 Meanwhile back in Jerusalem in times gone by....

This can into my mind from somewhere while I painted in silence this morning...

I need to go and start painting, but I’m sitting here doing this instead. The ramifications of the Greek election result are in my mind, its going to be interesting to see how it pans out. If things go well for them I feel Spain will be the next country to go for a leftist government, could this be the end for neoliberalism at least in Europe. The markets didn’t go crazy yesterday as they want the euro to survive so as I said its wait and see time. Now to work.

Going to see this lot live tonight, I hear they are pretty good live, I'm really looking forward to it.

Plymouth Hoe Summer 2006

Corithian 377x479 Plymouth Hoe Summer 2006

FullSizeRender 377x412

Four recent sketchbooks, these contain sketches, diagrams for painting, writing, ideas, photographs and things i collect on my travels. At this stage of my career I have nearly a thousand completed around fifty in use. I carry them on me all the time and use them every day.

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