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I was in Cancun beach resort last night and it felt and looked like the worst of Thailand, I’m stuck here until tomorrow when the buses start again.

Artist’s Talk at Tate Modern 6th March

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The reason I’m in Mexico is to brainstorm for the next Frozen movie, Disney brought me in to jazz up the script a little. So I’m thinking Frozen Beach Party and I came here for a little inspiration. But where ever I travel I like to hang at The Hard Rock Cafe, great food and one day I hope to invest in this wonderful business and spend more time hanging out with my buddies Arnie and Sly.

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One of the good things about being here is the tamales, I love them they are just so good. So I woke up this morning an had a tamales breakfast, with my PG tips tea of course. I just remembered it’s Christmas Day, so if you are a Christmas person have a wonderful day and if you aren’t then you are missing out! Convert and believe in Santa, you get presents and get to eat chocolate for a week and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Things will move slowly here for the next two weeks or so because I’m in Mexico but i will keep posting every day hopefully.

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