Telemachus and the Mnesteres

1 377x566 Telemachus and the Mnesteres

This is a new painting which is currently in a show I have at The Little Big Man Gallery in Los Angeles. The show is entitled ‘A good man’s grave is his sabbath and it runs until the middle of January. The show combines my earliest photographs with new paintings. The paintings deal with themes that resonated with me at the time I made the photographs in the early 1980’s but were made on site in California in November.

Back to work today, the rest after the show is over so I will be posting again from now…well hopefully. So 8am Sunday morning painting it is, I hope to paint around the clock for the next few weeks give or take the odd meeting…or trip out into the world for air, food etc…

Currently my favourite contemporary band Death Grips are back with a new single...

P1150446 377x251

All I can say today is A. I don’t have a hangover even after wine beer wine beer B. No post show come down as of yet….Arsenal Dortmund tonight could change that after the terrible display at the weekend…

Time for a little painting this morning before I head to the Tate where proceedings for the show start at noon. I’ll post some images from the opening if I manage to take any but it is unlikely that I will be back on this tomorrow but you never know.

‘Floating On Air’

P1210690 e1416859782445 377x564

P1420416 377x251

P1380616 377x251

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