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In the last couple of days we have moved from Berlin to Prague via Dresden by train, I had forgotten just how wonderful it is to travel across Europe by train. The autumn light was wonderful and the weather mild. There is a harshness to the open countryside in Saxony I have always loved. The the train follows the river up to Prague, past a lovely schloss or two on the way. We spent twenty-four hours in Dresden and visited the new VW car plant where among many models they make Bentley’s a brand that like the Mini that was once British. I wonder if more could not have been done to save our British manufacturing heritage and the jobs that go with it as the U.K moves towards a future as a low wage economy. The roots of this go back to Thatcher and once you take this path it’s hard to turn back. Now we have UKIP as the new champion of the British working poor while really only promoting the interesting of a small group of right wing business men with they simplistic message of ‘back to the good old days’. The political future of the U.K looks pretty bleak right now with the leaders of the two main parties having no ‘real world’ experience the tide is turning towards a more fractured society. What is needed is a politician of guts and determination who can spell out a positive message, one that is forward thinking and not regressive, but I don’t know who fits that bill at the moment. Somehow it is being to feel like the early 1980’s all over again.

We are currently in Dresden for the German military museum and hopefully the new robotic VW factory, it is half term after all.

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Yesterday I got the times of our flight wrong so we were still in the studio 75 minutes before take off. Somehow we made it as Hackney Wick is fairly close to Stansted. I have very little with me including or i should say not including a charger for the laptop and as the shops don’t open on Sunday in Germany I’m almost out of power. So this is the last post until I find the Apple store. Have a great weekend wherever you are.

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We are in Berlin now and the weather is great so hopefully I will be back tomorrow with something…

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