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I picture of the real time translator during the press conference at DOX yesterday, I will take some pictures of the show tomorrow and post them in the coming days.

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In between hanging the show and the events around the exhibition we have been here at Prague’s undercover skatepark. It has a street course, a bowl seen here and other bits and pieces plus a great clubhouse where I sit and draw until it gets to smokey. Why does everyone in this part of the world smoke? I stink of it now after the opening and allowing it indoors is truly disgusting.

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My reluctance to ever be filmed talking has been taking a bit of a hammering lately, yesterday was the third time I’ve done it recently so I guess in this world where most phones are also video cameras it is time I just gave up and excepted it. I’m off to the press conference for the show in ten minutes and as the likes of Jeff Wall and Thomas Struth will be there I’m guessing the local television will be too so there is no point trying to hide, as I have said already I give up, I am now available for filming, I just need to find the right agent and I won’t be contacting Tom Cruise’s sister that is for sure!

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Posters of the 200 abducted Nigerian school girls on a roundabout in Lagos last week, I do wonder how difficult it is to find them when there are so many, but then again Nigeria is a large country with many inhospitable regions.

So the show is up at DOX in Prague, the first outing of my Settlement work in exhibition form. Great expansive space and it was a pleasure to see all the work together for the first time. I will hopefully be back with images either later today or tomorrow, depends slightly on time as the press conference and opening are both tomorrow so we will see. On another note I refused the taxi from the hotel to the venue and got on the wrong bus and ended up in a tent city of homeless people on the northern edge of town. It was pouring with rain, freezing cold, and menacing looking cops were everywhere. I’m still trying to digest this now, the tents, the rubbish and the rain, no people to be seen, either working or in the tents I guess. I’m not sure, perhaps the U.K’s lovely Mr.Farage should come over and take a look, I wonder what he’d make of it.

Trainbow Child

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