It is always the verse that starts ' I remember driving in my brothers car..." that really gets me, I hadn't heard it for many years until a couple of days ago and I still felt the shiver. Now I'm back in America I may well try to listen to some old favourites from this period.


Someone asked to see this series “The garden of Suburban Delights/Sherwin Williams’ from 2003 so here we go, it seems there is a possibility they might end up in print finally if I can agreed terms with Miguel Calderon as we made it together.

The nuts schedule continues, I’m sitting at Heathrow in the early AM yet again, once I’m travelling I should be able to post again. I see the cold war has started again, certainly takes me back, are we going to see a reemergence of CND?

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The Bob Dylan song below is for John Cantlie, my thoughts are with you and your family, I believe that the UK should pay ransoms in such situations, not paying them doesn’t stop kidnaps they will always happen in the name of bargaining. The show of value of human life over the importance of money would be a moral victory for the British government and this policy of not bargaining formalised during the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland is not the way forward here, why does’t anyone question it?

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Up early, clocks have gone back, six months of winter to come. If people are arriving at this blog and expecting to find a website I’m sorry I don’t have one. It is my intention to work on that as soon as time permits.

IMG 0229 377x84 A panorama image from my phone of the speeches at DOX on friday night, I just wanted to see how they looked on here, I won’t try again…

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