All right that’s yer lot, I’m off to stand in line for Delta 0001, lets hope it gets there safely otherwise I’m fucked, in fact I’m fucked anyway so maybe the plane crashing would do me a favour, sorry if this sounds emo but thats how I feel today. Oh my god the Simple Minds just came on time to rush, bye…

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Ok, the delay means I have time for more, so here we go

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Sitting at Heathrow, waiting on a two hour delay, bored especially as I book the early flight so I could get to NYC early to get errands done, oh well at least I can sit here and write and think, I’m super nervous about todays flight, sometimes I get like this. Once I get there and am sitting on the A train heading to Manhattan it will be fine, in the meantime it’s Yo Sushi or Pret.

On the move tomorrow, summer is finally over for me not that the work ever stopped. Hopefully this weather will run for at least a week more, next week I may post a few pictures once I’m in NYC at home with HANS my big ginger friend. Have a good week, see you soon, I hope ? Xxx

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Crazy days with crazy weather, I was woken up this morning by the sound of thunder and looked outside at a yellow/green sky and it felt erie. I’ve seen this light before in the tropics but never in the U.K. Last night I sat outside until 10pm in a t-shirt, the weather is changing for sure and my guess is it’s going to get stranger.

So Scotland stayed, please can we have proportional representation now, it’s the way to energise the electorate on a truly national scale. It would also stop the two major parties from governing alone again. That is actually why we don’t have it, it would be good for politics but bad for the Westminster elite.

Taking my son to ‘The House of Vans’ skate park this morning, followed by the South Bank which was saved for skating this week, finally some common sense.

As for Art, it’s always there, tonight once my boy is in bed I will be painting, outside if the weather holds, the floodlights are up!

Have a good weekend…

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