I do have quite a lot on my mind right now, plenty of personnel shit which I won’t be sharing here that’s for sure but otherwise like most people in this world with a brain I’m very worried about this planet at the moment and what seems to be the growing ‘out of controlness’ of various situations. If it’s not wars it’s ebola and beyond that it’s simple things like increasing poverty and the removal of basic rights for individuals back home here in the West. I don’t know where to start really, but somehow I’m trying to channel it all and my own shit and find ways to work.

Beyond planning the shows I have coming up in the coming months and all the things that entails, I’m actually attempting to make new work. To be precise 5 new paintings, in the coming days I will try to post my progress.

Now in the meantime I will go for a walk in the park as it’s the last day of summer, the sun is out and I want a mint choc chip cone, I wish you where coming with me…

I thought I was finally going to end this blog yesterday as my mind is all over the place right now and I can’t concentrate on anything beyond getting what needs to be done on a daily basis but I woke up and the sun is out and I have reconsidered, ┬áso from time to time I will be back.

P1100163 377x251

P1100143 377x251

P1100008 377x251

P11102641 377x251

P1110036 e1409299654448 377x564

‘and if you pick me up, bits and pieces on this floor’