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I actually have nothing to say right now so I think I will just go back to bed and hope that my dreams give me inspiration.

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‘The Curse of Jagger’

Screen Shot 2014 07 10 at 13.46.18 377x277 The Curse of Jagger

Lots of rain, rain , rain so I’m stuck in the studio which isn’t a bad thing as I’m finally getting going with the new paintings I spent the spring planning in New York. Also I’m trying to resolve the sizing on the McQueen prints for the Tate, juggling sizes and layouts on the studio floor. Also ploughing through my records along the way as I keep my radio listening to an absolute minimum because of the news as I’m just finding it all to depressing, the wars in the Middle East and historical sex abuse scandals, it’s just to much. Where is the good news ? At least there’s the football to add a little brightness. The last time Germany met Argentina in the final I was in Arles, France 1990 and I was meant to be there again this year but I missed my plane, so it goes… This morning it’s Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going on’ somehow he found love and warmth in the madness of the Vietnam war through thinking about his children, I hope that I am able to do that today with my work, if I am only 1% successful I will be feeling good at the end of the day, mercy mercy me…

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