It seems my current location isn’t fast enough to upload pictures without me spending time cutting them down so it looks like I’ll be writing here. The trouble is while I am away and should have more time for this in reality I’m just working somewhere else but with a slow internet connection. I’m hoping to be through with all of this in a couple of days. Then I will give you some thoughts on global chaos, art or whatever.

I will try to be back tomorrow

P1080001 377x251

Sorry at the moment I have absolutely no time for this, things will get better as the week goes on and I should be back with something !

Still nothing

With work levels at the moment I’m just not getting here, I am still posting on Instagram @nickwaplington. Service here will start again as soon as I have a moment.

Gaza.Child  377x377

I woke up and saw this picture on the BBC news website and it has totally floored me. As an image it is so much stronger and more poignant than a million images of destruction. I feel this child’s grief and there is nothing I can do, I am useless and the destruction of the innocent continues…

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