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I just got home sat down to answer emails before I start work, took out Japan’s ‘I second that emotion’ and found Haircut 100’s ‘Love plus one’ inside instead and put it on and feel like in in 1982 all over again and that makes me want to cry ! Perhaps I should just go back to bed until I have to do the school run this afternoon, todays emotional overload is to much already, I’m so fucking weak.

Now the world cup is over here I will be able to get on with even more work, but it would be nice to have some sunshine.

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I went to my friend Paul Noble’s retrospective in Rotterdam at the weekend. If you happen to be in the Netherlands go it’s a must see.

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Midsummer’s light over the studio at 5am this morning, if it stays like this I may even go to Stonehenge tomorrow evening. I seem to be able to exist on only 4 hours sleep at this time of year, the light is just to good to waste time in the daylight sleeping. Happy to be back in Britain, well almost…

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