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This is a new book, ‘Made Glorious Summer’ and there are only 500 copies, it is only available in Japan or from the Japanese publishers website,, more on this later…

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I tried sleeping to no avail, so it’s more tea and sketchbook time for me, I’m trying to work up ideas for 3 new large scale paintings. These will hopefully the most complex paintings I’ve made ideas wise but also the most simplistic visually. Working on canvas has in the last ten years or so given me a whole new set of problems which are totally different to the issues of photography and as I get more involved with these issues it is becoming increasingly difficult to take pictures, even ones of a constructed nature. But my goal is to continue with both for the rest of my days, working on both, using the two different thought processes in tandem to take me on new and various directions in my work. What an exciting and blessed life it is to be able to do this and as long as I can stay healthy it is all I will do, well other than play with my son and watch a little football. But work wise how lucky, anyway the light is still good so I may go for an early walk along the canal before I start.

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Awake at 4am and up at 5am, what is wrong with me, why can’t I sleep anymore. At least at this time of year it is light outside. Right now the sky is a lovely shade of blue. I tried reading for a while but a Guardian expose on Tony Blair’s latest Middle East endeavours was hardly going to do the trick. What a sinister character he is turning into, he’s certainly come a long way from ‘ Things can only get better’. The illusion of power and the lust for cash all rolled into one, if Conrad was alive today he would surely be writing a novel biased on the exploits of Blair.

Mind you the British Labour party could do with someone with at least some of Blair’s skills, Ed Miliband is certainly way out of his depth and is totally non electable. He seems to see the role of Prime minister as a kind of finishing school thesis, the perfect end to his student career. The new Neil Kinnock, the work experience Neil Kinnock, perhaps if he went and got a real job for a few years and then entered parliament, then maybe, but even then only maybe. In the meantime Labour will quite rightly lose the election next year and bang there goes the NHS. In it’s place will come a terrible American style shitty insurance based system that only works properly for the super wealthy. Welcome to 1939 should be the next Tory government slogan, the post war consensus will be totally smashed and fuck knows where this country will go from there.

Not that it’s all bad news, the World Cup second round matches start today, and if I managed to get some work done today, I for one will be watching and I hope you do to. First of all for me it’s off to Brighton to make some art. But right now I’ve drunk my tea and I’m off back to bed, this rant is over.

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