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Mitch Epstein at Griffin Editions yesterday

P1050044 e1401545750890 377x564 Mitch Epstein at Griffin Editions yesterday

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What next for this ? I just seemed to be consumed by paperwork right now, but hopefully it will change over the weekend and I will come up with something.

My work and running around is getting in the way of this again, but as I ever I will try to add something over the coming days, if you find nothing here there is always instagram where I will post ‘on the go’ @nickwaplington. In the meantime I’m working on a project in strip clubs in Atlanta, while trying to work out how a new book idea will fit together, plus my McQueen book is now going to be a show at the Tate in London next year so the planning and organising is going to take a lot of time. Anyway its all good as there say, but as I work alone its a lot.

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