Ma’on Hill Farm Settlement in the South Hebron Hills

IMG 4178 377x282 Maon Hill Farm Settlement in the South Hebron Hills

So many thoughts buzzing around my head today, my work, politics, flight MH370 among other things. Art and artists as ever are there too, I keep wondering about 1% artists, people who make millions supplying uber collectors and the art fairs. Most of these people are committed, hard working and deserve it, but sometimes I hear of people who employ their assistants on zero hours contracts or simply use armies of interns whom they pay nothing. I don’t want to be bitchy but as far as I’m concerned artists should be above this time of practice, art is still a altruistic endeavour, a just and noble calling ( sounds wanky I know, but it’s how I feel). Mind you I guess it’s always been this way in the art world, as with any profession, people will get away with what they can. Leonardo had an army of unpaid novices so what the fuck, rant over. It’s all about your own personal morality at the end of the day, each of us can only do want one feels comfortable with, for me I like to work alone so it’s not actually an issue, what I can do in a day is what gets done. The problem I’m having is managing my back catalogue, by this stage in my career that is a full time job. So as I prefer to be making new work it is not happening unfortunately, and this is starting to cause me problems which are ever increasing.

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Last thing for today before I get down to work, this is the iphone version of the picture I hoped to make yesterday before I was so rudely interrupted !

Yesterday I was threatened by someone with a gun and an attack dog, it was the first time in years I’ve had a gun pointed at me while I was taking pictures, it doesn’t really bother me now but the first time it happen in Naples in 1990 it took me quite a time to recover. Anyway never mind, I read The Guardian piece on Nan Goldin yesterday, I find Sean O’Hagan writing rather slushy, he just doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty, I think either he actually doesn’t know that much about photography or he is aiming his writing at what he percieves to be a naive audience. Anyway a nice piece for the layman I guess. What really got me was the comments section, what a nasty bunch of uniformed stupid idiots mosts of the people where who left comments where. Puritanical morons most of them, Daily Mail types talking about how ‘nasty druggy’ photographs are easy to make and aren’t art. It reminded me of the letters Aperture used to get about ‘Ballad’ in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s about Nan’s work. I was at Aperture back then putting together ‘Living Room’ and they used to get a steady stream of them. I would of hoped we had moved on, especially amongst Guardian readers for god’s sake but no. I not going to bother defending Nan’s work here, I know if you are here you’re also on board so lets move on but I was genuinely shocked at the small mindedness of the comments.

I noticed I had more than the usual about of grammatical errors and typos yesterday, please remember I’m dyslexic and sometimes it is better to bash something to quickly than to write nothing. This week is going to be more about writing than pictures, but I will post the iphone image of the picture I hoped to make with my large format camera when I was threatened. As I was standing on a road at the time, I am wondering what New York law is in that situation ? If I am pointing the camera towards someones property can they stop me taking a picture, Or are they stopping my right to take pictures in public space ? If it had been the UK I would of said call the police I don’t care but here I’m not sure.

Today I am drawing, working on ideas for new paintings so If I get stuck I will be back later.

3 13c 377x307

I wish I had something interesting to write, or some new pictures to post, my camera turned up back in London but not after I had purchased a new/old one on Ebay so by the end of next week I will have two. It’s always good to have a spare I guess ? Anyway yesterday was made up of long walks, checking the football on the internet, what a disaster that was and following the updates on flight MH370. Hopefully these objects somewhere nearish to Perth will be from the plane and families will then know something, not really positive but something. Tomorrow hopefully I will be in the lab back on the big prints and f so I will post some camera phone pictures of the work in progress but write now I’m going to drink more tea and take the 10×8 out for a little spin to some interesting locations I found on my walk yesterday, have a good sunday.

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