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Something 30 plus years old from my collection of ‘stuff’

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Something old for a Saturday morning, I can’t believe this picture is over 20 years old.

I came across the term ‘The Hollow Middle’ today, it just about describes everything that is going on right now in this world. I’m just off out now to search ideas, pictures, thoughts, paintings so maybe I’ll be back tomorrow with something, something to fill the hollow middle.

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This article about Amazon in The New Yorker is really good. George Packer takes their whole business model apart and shows how they intend to move forward. Like I have said on this blog before everything is being reduced to content, I feel like maybe its time to stop doing books and just concentrate on shows. The only trouble is that is expensive. I have attached the link below, you will have to copy and paste and I don’t know how to make active links with WordPress, can anyone help me ? I hate to moan on about shit, it is possible to be negative about so much in this world but Amazon’s practices are well, just read it. Oh and yes I do use it, sometimes like the rest of you the cheapness and convenience works for me, shoot me now.


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I found this the other day from my days in Nottingham, there was a Skate shop on Maid Marion Way with a mini ramp inside the shop and I used to spend my evenings there wearing t-shirts like this one shredding the ramp. There were about 10 serious skaters in Notts in those days of which only 2 of us were students at the Art College, those really were the ‘dark days’ of skating in the UK. Mind you I made some good lasting friendships during that period. OK enough about skating I promise my next post will get back to the normal art/ politics / music thing…

Just in case you wondered the image below is taken in Yitzhar near Nablus in the northern region of the West Bank.

IMG 3424 copy 377x282

Today for the first time I felt closure with my time spent in the West Bank, I have finally put it behind me and new work is mine for the making, finally I’m excited again about the prospect of getting out there on a new voyage of discovery. Onwards and upwards, mind you the Settlement book has still to be printed but we are looking at a September launch now for sure. I’ll miss the smell of tear gas in the morning ! Well maybe not…in the situation above it gave me terrible asthma.

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