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Yesterday I had surge in people reading this blog, so some of you out there must of liked my rant. Well I am angry about ┬áthe situation, I want my son to have a future, I want everyones children to have a future, nothing wrong with that. The problem is how to make this happen, it’s easy to point a finger at the problems but its hard to find solutions that work , solutions that can be sustainable and positive. Human nature always looks for and finds the easiest way to survive, I believe this is just instinct pure and simple, we needed to be like this to survive millions of years ago when humans began to evolve and this preservation instinct is still with us. I guess we are going to need it again once this rotten civilisation has collapsed, in the meantime bring me my cocktail. But seriously how do we work together to make a difference for future generations, that is the problem. The only way forward is going to be through education and legislation and for this to happen we need to remodel the moribund political systems that exist in Western democracies, because I believe that that is where change has to start. More tomorrow, pictures again now.

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I woke up this morning and read the papers in bed as usual, one of the smaller stories in a number of them is about how the stock market is now very close to it’s record high. This comes at a time when the economy has recovered a little at least for those with money but basically its still austerity time because we are still recovering from the collapse of the banks in 2007. This new artificial boom together with the housing bubble is going to lead to another recession, and it’s coming sooner rather than later, I suspect just after the next UK general election in 18 months. I believe the Tories will win that election and afterwards the next round of austerity is going to make the current one look like a holiday. Basically I think it is going to mean the end of the NHS and the introduction of American style insurance into the UK health “market’ and thats only for starters. I see the whole thing panning out and it’s bloody depressing. Everything that is good or was good about living in the UK will basically be gone. 35 years after Thatcher came to power the job will be complete and we will be right back in the 1930’s again. In the meantime the pointless game of ‘economic growth’ and the boom / bust cycle will continue through this century until the point where it has created so much poverty and climate chaos the whole thing will just collapse and at that point everything is going to be totally fucked. I think human nature makes the whole thing inevitable, it’s so hard having children and wondering what life is going to be like in the second half of this century as we continue to sleep walk into destruction led by this system of greed and ruthlessness which is going to destroy humanity in the end. Well at least 80% of humanity is what I’m reading, the 20% who are left may have the chance to live a better but far more basic life after the collapse. Sorry to be so pessimistic but we can’t go on adding 1 billion people a year plus using up the all the natural resources and still have a sustainable future. This idea of countries competing with each other in a economic race to prosperity is nonsense and has to stop. We need a global integrated policy on everything, but it won’t happen, maybe I shouldn’t care, become a banker and say ‘fuck it like them I’m going to be rich and have a good time while I’m alive I just don’t care’. The trouble is that is what people are basically taught in this world right now, how to get ahead at all costs. Right thats it for today, I’m off to take pictures now, I’m keeping my mind off of things by working as usual.

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