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I don’t know quite what I feel about these Jags I saw in the street yesterday, I guess they are providing jobs for British workers although the company is Indian owned now. From a purely eco point of view we could and should be doing without cars like this in the time of climate chaos. Anyway ¬†wouldn’t mind driving one I guess must be fun, I’ve never driven any type of sports car so if you wantto lend me yours I’ll have a go.

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Electric Octopus

P1530894 e1391094161939 377x564 Electric Octopus

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From my musings on what art means in the age of the internet using word play from the Aphex Twin song ‘We are the music makers’. There you go I’ve explained that one away. I have hundreds of these sketch books and in many ways they are a work in themselves. I will upload upload the song for those of you who don’t know it, see how nice I am today…

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