So after spending the last couple of days travelling I’m now in a position where I have easy access to the internet again so after a period of very little activity here I will be back on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

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I love watching Frigate birds when I am in this part of the world, the way they float on the thermals as the look for their prey on the surface of the ocean is quite an amazing spectacle to watch.

This is my favourite work by Wojnarowicz

WojnarowiczDavidKid 377x288 This is my favourite work by Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz ‘ The life and times of’

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Yesterday I had one of my weird moments, I like to say spiritual, can I say that when I don’t actually believe ? Anyway that or a chance in a million. So I’m ready this book quietly in my room in the hotel where I’m staying. The book is reaching the end, David has full blown AIDS and only weeks to live and Adam Clayton from U2 comes to visit him in Peter Hujar’s loft where he choose to spend his final months. U2 are involved with the AIDS charity ‘Red Hot and Blue’ which raises money for AIDS research and they had decided to use David’s famous ‘Buffalo’ picture for the cover of their single ‘One’ and the proceeds from sales will be given to the charity. So I am laying there on my bed ready in silence and then the stereo in the bar downstairs starts up out of nowhere and the tune is ‘One’. I went into a kind of state of shock, I was crying , fuck fuck fuck, wow I thought. I had met David a few times at Aperture and around but I didn’t really know him but if there was a presence it was then. I still don’t know what to make of this…

I looked for the performance at Meadow Lands where Bono dedicated ‘One’ to David who was there with his family the following day but it’s not on Youtube but a performance from the same week on the same tour from Washington DC is and a video of his Buffalo’s is clearly visable above the band at the beginning. U2 covered all his medical bills. He had about ten years of making work while I’ve already had thirty I feel blessed or something like that. Anyway the book is worth reading, also try to see his work if you can if you don’t know it, I will try to upload a few favourites of mine, the ones that really stuck out from his retrospective at the New Museum back in 1992.

Anyway I wanted to share this with you, I’m still not sure want to make of it, it will be churning round in my brain for a few days yet, have a good day…

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