The other night I was lectured by an artist friend for making work in Israel and the West Bank, he seemed to think everyone should boycott making work or even go there. I do not agree with this type of total non engagement, I hope that my work adds something of value to the process of discussion and analytical thought to the situation. The work I made was only made in the West Bank, I didn’t work in Israel, I had a number of reasons for this which I won’t state here, but good reasons. Back to the discussion, I stood back and thought to myself as I looked at my accuser and I thought here is a 1% artist who lives in a multi-million pound house, those family made a fortune out of repression in South Africa during apartheid, someone who uses unpaid interns to make their work lecturing me about fucking morals. He didn’t even ask what my work dealt with, I stood there and asked him why he was judging me on hearsay, didn’t he realise that every time he opens his white South African mouth and speaks he is judged on his accent, the irony of it. He went quiet and the conversation moved on to music. I look forward to engaging with people once this work is out there. I stand by it 100% and actually can’t wait to defend it in public situations. Art with a little controversy it’s good for the soul. It proves it’s worth as far as I’m concerned.

On another note I’ve been wanting to talk about 1% artists for a while and will get round to it soon. Especially lefty millionaire socially concerned types who use armies of free labour. Why are these people different from sweat shop owners in the far east ? Anyway soon not now…

Still trying to get my head around new work, I feel kind of blocked, I have ideas but starting ids so hard, it’s such a long time since I started work that could actually end up as something I don’t know quite how to get going. Why does it have to be this difficult ? The trouble is I find the winter so uninspiring, it’s easy to stay in and paint and I’m not even doing that. Actually I am doing that a little but not enough. Tomorrow I will try harder, today even If I get a moment. There is possibility out there i just need to find it and make it happen.

I got talking to a Serbian lady in the park into while our children played and she explained to me how much she loves living in London with its good schools, sense of community, wonderful parks and health service. I wondered if there is any chance of finding a British person who feels the same way ?

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This poster of Queenie is on the wall outside the Golden Heart pub, a couple of years after the Jubilee it’s looking rather worse for wear.

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On the way home from school yesterday we stopped off to ride the lifts at the Heron Tower and check out the sunset from Sushi Samba. I want to say a thank you to the Dutch business men who helped me get past the bouncers on the ground floor with two children, why they do this I’m not sure because once you get in the staff at Sushi Samba love seeing kids there ? Anyway we got in and it was a clear day and the views stunning. We arrived at the perfect moment, I have never been up there after dark, I really want to go.

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Came across this again yesterday…

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