P1490113 377x251

P1490111 377x251

This shows the small work prints from the Lightjet being ‘worked up’ in preparation for making the actual prints. This sequence will be over 10 metres ( actually 42 feet ) long. Also one Living Room Unseen is also in the picture, I’m thinking about publishing this soon, maybe.

P1490116 377x251

Printing all day today so I might try and add a couple of images as the day goes on. Then tonight it’s the Chapman’s retrospective at the Serpentine. It only seems like a moment ago that the three of us where moving into our Brick Lane studio but actually it was nearly a quarter of a century ago. As Ferris Buellar says in his day off  ‘time moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop once in a while and have a look you might miss something’. So thats what I intend to do in the coming months as I gear up to making new work,  spend some special time with people who I care about looking, seeing and thinking.

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P1490067 e1385677012544 377x564

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