Today is a travel day so hopefully some more posts in the next few days as I hope to take some pictures.

Due to workload the posts are coming a lot slower at the moment, the combination of work, travel, school holidays and various other bits and pieces mean I’m not getting as much time right now as I was a few months ago when I had a broken ankle. Travelling to California tomorrow so today is rather hectic but once I am there I should be able to get going on this again.

P1460750 377x251

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Mike.Kelley e1382428446474 377x502

I paid a first visit to the Mike Kelley show at PS1 this week, this is a show which will take quite a few visits, I know all the work well and have followed his career since I was a student in the 1980’s. While it is important that all the work is exhibited together I feel it is to soon after his death to have this show. I feel that a ten year wait would of been better, at least for people involved in the Art World over whom he castes a very long shadow.

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