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Still not feeling this but trying to carry on, I feel like it must continue for now but perhaps a Twitter, Tumblr, Facefuck and Instagram link up might be better ? Any thoughts email me, the email is here nick@nickwaplington.co.uk

Would be nice to get some feedback, receiving some love could help me out once in while. It’s a lonely life for me this art thing, I know I love it and it’s the only life, but help me out come on…do the right thing I know it’s in you

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I’ve been to low the last few days to be able to do this, I haven’t even really taken any pictures either, I’ve just managed some sketching but in the late afternoon today my spirits raised a little and I was able to help my friend Vava edit his book along with my friends Michael and Jay who you can see here with me in the background. On another note my weight is still going down, I’ve lost 13 kg’s so far and counting. My fitness levels are also way improved. Something good had to come out of my broken ankle. Off to bed early now as I hope to have one last swim in the sea out at the Rockaway’s early in the morning before heading to the Art Book Fair at PS1. If you are there please say hello.

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