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Start things off with a group shot from Friday

P1440978 377x251 Start things off with a group shot from Friday

Ok, so a full on work day today will include a few catch up posts here before going to the Sarah Lucas opening this evening, it’s 7.30am and sunny here in London so that’s a good start. I feel very positive for so early on a monday morning.

Back in London and grateful for the warm sunny weather, it certainly made for a soft landing, I have a crazy amount of work to get done here in the next four weeks before I leave again but I will try to be regular on this blog. Trouble is I miss New York already, I miss it so much it hurts. This means head down and hard work all the way

Matthew Day Jackson at Hauser and Wirth

I’m travelling today but will be back tomorrow I hope with thoughts on the Matthew Day Jackson show at Hauser & Worth which is fast ¬†gaining the distinction as the worse show ever in a blue chip gallery. With titles like ‘Me Dead at 39’ surely there was someone on their curatorial staff who could of stopped this howler happening. Anyway Day- Jackson is a result of the failures of the ‘Art fair’ system that has produced mountains of aesthetic crap. This type of nonsense currently rules the art world, but it now seems people are finally willing to shout’ emperors new clothes’ and we are hopefully about to go through a long overdue reckoning. More tomorrow or Saturday.

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The fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and the dancer Mark Morris yesterday in Isaac’s apartment, I have been friends with Isaac for 25 years. A certain Mr. Avedon introduced and ¬†hopefully we will be making a book about this period of our lives next year.

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I forgot to pay the fee’s to keep this live so it went down for a while sorry about that, I will try to make up for any disappointment.

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