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I found a number of multi exposure pinholes from the early 1980’s in my parents attic last week. Amazing that they have survived and in perfect condition. The images are complex and visually very interesting, luckily I have both the negs and prints.

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I know I’ve been here before but whatever, something for the weekend New York style !

The British parliament has said no to bombing Syria, finally some good news on the political front. This I feel was an adventure to far, in the long run Cameron should be happy that once he retires he will be able to go in the pub for a beer, a thing he likes to do I know. Unlike Blair who hates pubs but if he did won’t be able to go anyway. Blair is a target now for the rest of his life, this is wrong but the inevitable consequence of his legal war.

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There has been a dramatic rise in the number of people looking at this blog, it must be the McQueen book being so close now, in fact it is already available in the U.K and will be available in the U.S.A on Oct 1st. Elsewhere I’m not sure but I think the 1st edition will go very quickly. I hope so then there will be time for another print run before the holiday season.

If you are a regular visitor here normal service of the usual mix of snaps thoughts and music will continue regardless of my 15 minutes in the fashion world.

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