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P1470728 e1374496187731 377x564

P1470731 e1374496280269 377x564

P1470734 e1374496380797 377x564

P1470747 e1374496472499 377x564

P1470752 e1374496587367 377x564

P1470760 e1374496694283 377x564

P1470787 e1374496776287 377x564

P1470797 e1374496843641 377x564

I met these boys on the way back from the beach the other day, I wanted to join in but while age is ‘nothing but a number’ my recent accident told me otherwise.

P1470510 e1374360291330 377x564

P1470489 377x251

P1470481 377x251

P1470483 377x251

P1470526 e1374359652728 377x564

P1470584 377x251

P14707121 e1374359213560 377x564

I actually had a spare ten minutes so here are a few images from the last couple of days out at the beach.

P1470576 e1374261657701 377x564

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