So I’m back in London for a few days before I  head to Spain on holiday for a couple of weeks. I will post stuff as I go, I’m also finishing up a couple more books during this period so I may have some interesting bits and pieces from them. Otherwise just a few snaps from my little digital camera as usual.

I read that everything that Edward Snowden ‘exposed’ was available elsewhere which is what I had guessed when I first read his story. It seems no one was really interested before. As I said on this blog  it was interesting to know the names of the various programs but I already knew that phone calls and emails were being collected. So all that happened was a little egg on the face of the American government and Snowden fucked his freedom/life up which he will regret. In the meantime Prism and the other programs will already have new names I’m sure of that. Just remember ‘if you’ve got nothing to fear if you’ve got nothing to hide’.

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For me, no one else…for the last day of 47…

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Off to bed after 12 hours of travel, I may post something later, if not tomorrow.

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