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Some enterprising hipster on a bicycle was selling balloons around Broadway market and on London Fields at the weekend, I bet they have sacks of quid coins to bank this morning. This got me thinking as I cycled from Hackney Wick through Vicky Park to Brick Lane yesterday past the narrow boat cocktail bars, impromptu mini festivals and various after hour mash ups.  My conclusion is that I am living in a permanent mini bloody Glastonbury and I don’t like it ! I don’t want to spend my life in a bloody festival as I always find the Monday morning part super depressing. I now realise East London has been suffering ‘festival creep’ for years now and it has gone to far, way to far for my liking… good thing I’m off to Ibiza tomorrow to relax and get away from it all.

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The tower at the Olympic park illuminated last night for the 1st Anniversary games. I believe Usian Bolt was back entertaining the crowds, it must of been a really lovely evening.

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Unfortunately this is not my car, but then again even if I had the money I still won’t be as it can’t be very eco, but it is a design classic from a time when oil was cheap and luxury was something to aspire too.

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Arika Bambaata 40,000 strong record collection which he has donated to Cornell University’s music archive being sorted out at Gavin Brown’s this week. I don’t think it’s going to be the same in the future when people donate their 5 billion MP3’s most of which there’ve never heard !

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And finally my copy of ‘Planet Rock’  good measure !

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