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Yesterday we went to the Sultan’s tomb on Kabir Hill near Nablus as it is a location and I am using in my work. Great views and the IDF were also there with their rather rudimentary version of Prism !

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This is an abandoned housing unit from Shavey Shamron. Shavey Shamron is in the Northern West Bank and was built to stop the eastern expansion of the Palestinian city of Nablus in the 1970’s making it one of the first settlements.

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I’ve been in the Northern West Bank Settlements today visiting separatist communities where non Jews aren’t really welcome which lets face this is some a terrible situation, anyone who promotes division is a totally loser, or uneducated or just plain evil. But I go there to try to work out why and what is going on. I need to sleep now but I will write on this subject in the coming days. I have a lot to say and some sort of dialogue must be had, and one that goes beyond the ‘history’. Have a good day/ evening/ morning even, people read this everywhere, not many but both of you re a long way apart. Night xxx

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The joys of Tel Aviv, flat surfaces and what that brings with it, it would be impossible to be such a twat in Jerusalem. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to be staying here but I will always be a Jerusalem boy ! Or Jerusalem grumpy old git…

A couple more West Bank images I made while fact checking

P1430447 377x251 A couple more West Bank images I made while fact checking

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As I said yesterday I feel that it was always obvious that our emails and phone calls were collected by the security services and that all governments are collecting everyone else’s communications. It’s just the next level of spying and I hope it does actually route out terrorist plots, where it becomes muddier is where it is used for governmental industrial espionage, tender rigging and blackmail. But then again these are as old as the hills as well and while it is good to try to route them out I think they can’t be stopped completely. So I feel Showden is just stating the obvious but it is interesting to find out the names like Prism and Tempora which are used for the programmes and that spy agencies now have global snooping stations. I am guessing the U.K has them in India, the Gulf States and the West Indies ¬†for starters. I presume that between them the big Western English speaking nations, who share all this stuff really have the whole thing sewn up. But as I have already stated I could of guessed this anyway but of course by now these schemes are no longer called Tempora or Prism, everything will have already changed and poor Mr. Snowden’s life is now going to be a living hell.

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This house is in the West Bank Settlement of Neve Daniel, I’m told it has been built by a French man, beyond that i know nothing about it.

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