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I could write a quick line or two about finishing the hippies of with a steam roller but I’m just to nice for that and I want you to know the previous posts were all a little bit of fun so I can go to bed with you believing my liberal sensibilities are intact.

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Just think this poor bloke had probably just come out of the RBS offices opposite the station after a hard day trying to earn back the money they borrowed from the tax payer only to be confronted by the bosses kids telling him to Smile ! Good thing there’s no guns in the U.K !

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Fucking hippies, I can’t seem to escape them at the moment, I was getting the tube during rush hour at Liverpool St and I found myself in the middle of a Facebook organised ‘love-in’. The bloody Peace-niks were  at the top of the escalators on Broadgate St. Within sight of a bloody Police Station as well. I would of thought it was a perfect opportunity for the boys in blue to get their arrest quotas sorted for the month, but there where no cops to be seen anywhere. Then I realised it was cold and it all made perfect sense as I tried to push my way into the train station. Mind you must be nice to be rich enough to spend your evening harassing ordinary folk and showing off just how fucking happy you are with all those piles of cash, as John said ‘The only good one is dead one’, of course I mean the hippies not the cops !

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A day I remember well, Shogo at Guildford 1979, I’ve got my knees tight to my chest in this picture.

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And here it is...always so good

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I found this perfect gatefold copy of ‘Music’ in a bargain bin in the market this morning for £2, what is it saying ? As always it is saying it all…

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Wow, travelled to London overnight and it’s as cold as NYC, whats going on ? On the flight I read ‘Going Clear’ the story of Scientology and Hollywood, I can think of a few good jokes but perhaps I should find out if they sue blogs first.

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